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Pyramid Model Coaching

Vydavateľ: Business Coaching College (Business Coaching College, s.r.o.)
Jazyk: anglický
Počet strán:302
Poradie vydania:1.
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Posledná zmena: 05.06.2023 02:57

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Obsah knihy: Pyramid Model Coaching

Who the book is for:
Coaches and anyone who wants to learn how to coach. Managers, entrepreneurs, trainers, counselors, therapists, consultants, and anyone who works with people and needs to help them make decisions and take action.

Book Description:
Conducting transformational conversations is a specific kind of coaching. It is a conversation in which we help the coachee realize what matters to them. The person is empowered when they touch what drives them from within. They begin to change their lives and work to feel good. Even though doing it may still be challenging, it won't be an ordeal. You can learn to coach and have transformational conversations with your employees, clients, or children. And the world around you will change. Start with this book.

Book Facts:
- The book explains step-by-step how to have a coaching conversation
- A specific feature of the book is the pyramid model of the coaching conversation, which the authors developed to help their students
- It contains 16 coaching tools to help the coach ask questions in the interview
- contains hundreds of examples of coaching questions
- the coaching tools are matched to common topics that clients deal with, so novice coaches will find great help in how to ask questions about different kinds of issues
- Examples of coaching conversations are annotated in the margin - it is explained what intervention the coach made and why
- There are plenty of real stories in the book by which the reader can see how coaching changes lives, and it's not just theory
- Provides an overview of the required coaching skills
- Explains the basic principles of coaching and types of coaching in the introduction
- Chapter five explains how to conduct a quick executive coaching session in 5 minutes
- Chapter four looks at how to buy and sell coaching and how to validate a coach's expertise.
- Many coaches and prominent people in business recommend the book.
- The book includes an annotated reading list suitable for both beginning and advanced coaches
- The book is richly illustrated - important explanations are graphically emphasized
- The most important ideas are repeated in the margins of the book
- The book is 302 pages long, understandable, and well structured
- The book has an excellent layout and is easy to read.
- The content of the book is very detailed and allows quick and targeted searches

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Názov: Pyramid Model Coaching

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